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10 Overlooked YouTube Techniques for Musicians



10 Overlooked YouTube Techniques for Musicians 

Are you searching for more ways to maximize your exposure on YouTube? We’ve put together a list of tips and techniques that are commonly overlooked by today’s YouTube Musicians.

Tagging – Recently, YouTube tags have been deemphasized in their rankings. However, this does not mean that tags are no longer useful. Consider the content of your upload and make sure that you use as many relevant tags you can think of. Is your song a cover? If so, be sure you tag the artist. There’s no limit on how many tags you can include and YouTube does not penalize you for using many.

Annotations – When you upload a new video, it is always smart to edit your previous videos and add an annotated link to your newest upload. Additionally, you should annotate your new uploads with links to your older videos. People generally need extra incentive to learn more about you as a musician and convenience definitely helps. Of course you should make sure your annotations are not intrusive or annoying. Keep them minimal and simple or they may end up having the opposite effect.

Smart Titles – This may seem obvious but a lot of YouTube musicians neglect one of the most important aspects of a video upload, the title. YouTube musicians often make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on creating whimsy newspaper-like headlines for their titles. While an eye- catching title is important, your title should include popular search terms or keywords relevant to your video.

Custom Thumbnails – In additional to the title, your thumbnail is one of the most important factors viewers consider when deciding the click on your video.  Your thumbnail should entice, though it should still be related to your video. Don’t mislead your audience with a thumbnail of a random pretty girl. You’re not really attracting genuine interest by doing this and viewers will resent you for it! In fact, YouTube may penalize your account if too many visitors flag your thumbnail as misleading. Instead, make sure your thumbnail accurately represents the content while compelling people to click. Treat thumbnails like a mini movie poster or advertisement.

Link To Your Other Social Media Pages – This seems like a no brainer but I’ve seen countless artists miss this. Your YouTube channel and upload descriptions should always contain links to your other social media sites. When people view your videos they want to know where else they can follow you online. Again, make things convenient for them!

Fan Interaction – Set aside at least a half hour a day for fan interaction. Reply to comments on your channel and your videos. Ask fans questions and spark a conversation. This serves two purposes. You’re increasing YouTube views while gaining lasting fans.

Create a Video for Every Song – A recent study shows that Google generally ranks video content the highest in its webpage results. The more quality videos you make the better. Additionally, frequency of content is important. In today’s music environment, inactivity is the enemy. You need to keep your fans interested and engaged.

Create Lyric Videos – If you plan on uploading a new song to YouTube and you don’t yet have a full music video to support it, create a lyric video. A lot of musicians make the mistake of uploading their audio with just a single still image. It’s important that even these audio videos maintain the viewer’s interest throughout. These types of videos should contain some sort of interesting animation or behind the scenes footage.

Network – Don’t ignore the YouTube community. Dedicate some time each day to network with other YouTube musicians. Initially, you shouldn’t waste your time with the established big name YouTube musicians as these individuals receive hundreds of messages. Try and find artists on the rise such as yourself. Message them and add them as a friend. Once you’ve developed a rapport with these artists, you can ask for a mutual shout-out on each other’s social media sites. Post comments on artist’s videos complimenting the visuals/music in a specific way while inviting them to check out your channel. When they see that you’ve spent the time to actually watch their video and reach out, they’ll usually return the favor.

Don’t Become Stagnant – So you’re creating some buzz, gaining subscribers and getting YouTube views…don’t stop! You should be consistently reminding your subscribers/fans why they need to keep revisiting your channel. The YouTube audience is a fickle one. If you haven’t posted a new video for an extended period of time, you will lose some of that audience. Plan out your uploads, create a schedule and maintain a reputation for posting videos frequently.

Be sure to check out YouTube’s official guide for musicians. A lot of the above material is expanded on as well as some other great practices.

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