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Best Rap Apps


Due to significant waves in technology, the task of operating independently as a music artist has become much simpler. However, with access to hundreds of apps on the market, it can be a bit confusing figuring out which tools are best to use.

We’ve put together a list of the most beneficial phone applications that will help you market, manage and improve yourself as a rap artist. Here are 10 apps every up and coming rapper should have at their disposal.

Social Media Apps

Every rapper, or music artist for that matter, should have the “big 4” social media apps installed on their phone. 

  1. Instagram – Consistently post varied content. Don’t just constantly self-promote. Give people a look inside your daily life. Whether it’s penning new raps, going to the studio, beat shopping, collaborating or performing.
  2. Twitter – Twitter has become slightly less popular over the last few years but it is still an essential tool you should have in your pocket to reach out to your fans.
  3. Facebook – It goes without saying but Facebook is still a dominate social network. Videos are the most popular content lately. Share entertaining, though relevant, posts.
  4. YouTube – Manage and operate your YouTube account on the go so that you can stay on top of things. This way you can leave comments and also reply to comments as quickly as possible.

Other apps…

  1. Soundcloud Pulse – One of the most popular tools for music artists today, Soundcloud, released their official mobile app somewhat recently. It’s important to be able to maintain your presence on the site as much as possible. With the app, you’ll be able to reply to comments from your fans, post comments on other artist’s pages, track stats, follow users and upload new music. It’s now available for free download on iTunes as well as the Google Play store.
  2. HootSuite – There are a lot of different apps currently available that boast the ability to manage all of your social media accounts. However, I believe HootSuite is one of the most comprehensive apps I’ve come across in this regard. You’re able to monitor your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more under a single roof. You can auto-schedule posts, safe posts as drafts, and publish using this app. If there’s a particular post that you’d like to share on multiple accounts, you can simply arrange Hootsuite to send the same content to all of your accounts at once. Though, keep it mind, it’s still important for each of your social media accounts to have some differentiating content. Otherwise, you give your fans no real reason to follow you across various platforms.
  3. Buffer – Buffer is very similar to HootSuite in that it can schedule posts to your various social networks. HootSuite offers much more of a variety of features. Though, if you feel that all you’ll need is a scheduler/publisher, then Buffer may be the right tool for you. This app is a bit more simplified than the alternatives out there. Unlike Hootsuite who only allows 3 accounts in their free version, you’re able to connect up to 4 separate social media accounts.
  4. Reverbnation – Though they may have reduced in popularity over recent years, there is still a solid music community on Reverbnation and there’s no reason to neglect it. Key features in their free app include the ability to sell your music directly to your fans, find new venues with their Gig Finder tool, and email marketing. In addition, their paid version provides a website builder and electronic press kit creation.
  5. Music Memos – This app offers an easy way to record your song ideas as they come to mind. Sometimes, inspiration hits us at the most bizarre times. You may not always be in front of your home equipment or at the studio at the time. Did you have an idea for a flow or clever punchline? Bust out Music Memos and record. What’s also great about this app is you can actually create a basic beat as a backing track to your recording. Connect the app to YouTube, SoundCloud or GarageBand and send your song ideas over seamlessly. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is an Apple exclusive for the rappers with iPhones out there.

Kanye On Phone

  1. LoopStack – Fellow Android users need not worry, LoopStack is a solid alternative. It may not be as sleek and expansive but the basic functionality is there. You can record up to 4 separate layered tracks in high-quality audio format. You can also set your own BPM/Tempo and record to a metronome so you can keep in time. The app is free to try but if you want to save and export your recordings, you’ll need to grab the paid version.  
  2. Genius – At first thought, you may wonder why this would be a helpful app for rappers coming up in the game but I think it is an important resource. Studying other rappers can be a can be a great method for improving your own skills. With Genius, you can gain in-depth insight about the lyrics of all of the greatest to ever do it past or present. This will allow you to take a look at complicated rhyme schemes, metaphors and storytelling under a microscope.  
  3. Hum On! – This app is great for those times when a great melody pops in your head. This is a great tool for a rapper to have if you producing your own music, working with a producer directly or looking for a producer that offers custom beat services. This way you can streamline the process of transitioning from a raw idea to a full instrumental. You don’t need to be a singer to use this tool. As the name suggests, you simply hum your tune. The app is capable of creating musical notations for the melody you record. It can also build to your melody with matching chords in various styles.
  4. Songwriter’s Pad – Available on iTunes and the Play store, this app is very useful for all up and coming rappers. It’s simplest feature is the ability to type up and store your lyrics. You can label the verse and chorus of your song on the notepad. Of course this is useful in itself but the app offers much more than that. It has a powerful idea generator that allows you to come up with words or phrases that match your song’s mood. It also includes a rhyme book, thesaurus and dictionary. These tools can definitely help spark that inspiration you need when writing new lyrics. If these features weren’t enough, there’s a record function as well. This is another app that’s free to try but, unfortunately, restricts use on the free version after writing your first two songs.
  5. AutoRap – This is an app that’s mainly for those amateur rappers just starting out. It’ll record your vocals and rearrange them over an instrumental. It could be a great way to sharpen your flow and practice staying on time.
  6. BigCartel – Monitor your merchandise orders with BigCartel’s iTunes app. With this app you’ll be able to edit your products, track sales and sell directly to your fans at your live shows.

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