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7 Tips For Writing A Successful Song


Though every songwriter has a different approach to writing, there are some things which most of them do to ensure success with writing their song.

Below are 7 things which most successful songwriters do that will help you to get started, break through writer’s block, and write amazing music.

1. Analyze Other Successful Songs.

What is it about successful music which gives it appeal? What makes it catchy? Listen to songs which have had a big impact on the music industry, and ask yourself these questions. Pay close attention to the song structure, the wording used, the intonation of the singer’s voice, the overall message of the song and the vocal techniques used. Find similarities between several successful songs, and attempt to emulate the things they all have in common.

2. The Concept.

Begin with an overall concept with the song you’re about to write. For example, let’s say you want to write a love song about 2 people who cannot make their relationship work, but come to find that they miss each other. Brainstorm ideas relating to the emotion of such a song. Write down words relating to this emotion. Don’t be afraid to use a thesaurus to find alternative words for the emotion which may fit better in the song.

Once you have a concept and a list of words relating to this concept, you’ll be better suited to begin writing your song.

3. Song Structure.

Another good thing to do before you begin writing is to determine the structure of the song you are going to be writing. You’ve heard the old addage…”Verse, Chorus, Verse”. This has the standard arrangement for pop songs for decades. This is only part of the equation though. The full formula for pop music would be more like: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Breakdown, Chorus, Outro.

Determine the arrangement of your song. Do you want it to include a prechorus? How about a breakdown after the bridge, which builds into the final chorus section?

Planning this out will help give you some structure, which will aid in your songwriting.

4. Get Into It – Quick!

These days, many people have short attention spans. They want a song to hit them right away. If you’re making popular music, try to captivate the listener as soon as possible.

This can be achieved a few ways. Perhaps you could start off the song with intriguing or even shocking lyrics that will make the listener want to hear the rest of your story.

Always keep the listener in mind, and make it a goal to “wow” them right off the bat.

5. Chorus, Chorus, Chorus.

It’s no surprise that the chorus of a song is typically the single most important element of the song (in popular music, at least).

Think of the chorus as a summation of what the song is about. The verses help to explain the song. They can share additional details about it. Think of verses as the supporting structure of the chorus.

The chorus will contain your overall message. Aim to make it catchy, emotional, or epic. It is often the climax of the song, so treat it as the centerpiece of the entire project.

6. The Music.

The instrumental music, or beat, behind your song, is incredibly important these days. You could have the most amazing song written, but if the beat/music behind it does not support your lyrics and intrigue the listener, you cannot expect your song to make it far.

The best way to choose the right beat is to listen with your full attention. Does the beat grab you and inspire you? You will often know when you’ve found the right beat when you feel it inside of you. If it is the right one, it will capture you and it won’t let up.

Pay attention to the sound quality of the beat too. Does your song call for the use of real instruments? Does your song need a strong bassline? How about piano or guitar? Ask yourself these questions when auditioning beats.

7. Get Feedback.

It is very important to gather feedback from listeners. After all, the people who listen to your song will be your target audience. Take their constructive criticism into consideration, especially if you are receiving similar feedback from multiple people.
Your family and friends are good places to start. Ask them for their honest feedback, and take it into consideration when finalizing your song.

Now that you have some great tips to get you started with constructing your song, you will likely need some great music to write to. Be sure to check out our beats. We are sure that you’ll find something you like.

Listen to our beats here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 7 tips for writing a successful song!

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  • Jerome Franklin

    Be fearless with your songs. It’s OK if you write a crap song. What is not OK is to try and convince everyone that it’s a great song! Get feedback and allow people to be honest, that way you will start to learn what really works.


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